The Details Matter

The difference between good and great, between a B and an A+, is applying that extra effort to the details that matter. Prioritizing what is most important to our customers, our staff, drivers and management, helps us determine our areas of focus for improvement.

Safety, performance, consistency, autonomy and accountability are core values of our company. We do our utmost to employ quality people, driving late model equipment, that are backed by our skilled operations staff and supporting technology.

When you are servicing every part of Ontario, with 200 drivers, on appointment schedules, you need the processes and procedures in place to run a safe and effective operation.

Our driving force is made up of company drivers, owner operators and agency drivers. All three are needed to give the flexibility and capacity to expand or contract quickly to meet our customers’ demands.

To ensure that safe practices are maintained across all driver platforms we have the following procedures in place:

  • Speed Monitoring using Speed Gauge technology ( through People Net)
  • Cash Incentive for Clean CVIR Inspections
  • Annual Safe Driving Awards
  • Emergency Break Down Network

Real time communication and visibility is key. Wilson’s has invested the time and energy required to have the technology to support these initiatives. These include:

  • GPS Tracking  and Electronic Dispatching 
  • Real Time Load Monitoring
  • In Truck Text Messaging
  • ELOG - Electronic Driver Logs

Truckload cargo shipping in Ontario.