Green Initiatives

We have many responsibilities, not the least of which is our impact on the environment. In many cases you can only serve Ontario’s population by road. This has compelled us to do our part to reduce our emissions on the highway and at our facilities.

Our initiatives include:

  • All company tractors are 2011 Freightliners or 2011 Volvos. We utilize the latest engine technology to minimize fuel consumption and maintain effective emission controls.
  • Our company fleet is regulated at 95 KPH

Induction Lighting Program

We’ve recently replaced all warehouse and exterior lighting with induction lighting with photocells. Induction lighting uses 67% less energy than conventional lighting. It also has at least 50% less CO2 emissions and are 100% recyclable as they are mercury free. Induction lamps do not use electrodes but instead use the principle of induction (the transmission of energy by way of magnetic field). Think of it as wireless lighting!

Shunt Truck Emissions Regeneration Process

Our shunt units are equipped with the green friendly emissions regeneration process. Diesel particulate filters remove 85% of the soot residue in the exhaust.

Onboard Event Recording

Our electronic GPS dispatch system allows us to monitor and manage unit idling, Kilometers per Litre (KPL), speed, RPM, gearing patterns, hard starts and stops at the driver level.


Environmentally friendly (green) transportation services.

Our induction Lighting upgrade has an environment impact equal to:

  • Our induction Lighting upgrade has an environment impact equal to:
  • 260,610 kWh saved per year
  • The elimination of 377,885 lbs of Carbon Dioxide emissions per year
  • Taking 42 cars off the road every year
  • Saving 84,474  litres of gasoline consumed
  • Planting 7,265 trees per year